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A community for people who want to learn more about Event-Driven Architectures.


VirtualEDA is a site for people who want to get more in-depth knowledge of Event-Driven Architectures. The website is driven by the community and we welcome contributions and learning material.

Everybody is welcome to join us, we love learning and growing together.


VirtualEDA is an open community of people that want to learn, share and talk around Event Driven Architectures. Event Architectures are becoming more and more popular and we want to give everybody a place they can learn and share their experiences with each other.

Learning & Sharing

You can explore this website to find learning material that has been recommended, to help you gain a deeper understanding of Event Architectures.

All the learning material you find on this website is open source and driven by markdown files. We welcome contributions you may wish to add to the website.

Remote Meetups

We arrange remote meetup sessions where people can come talk and listen to each other's experiences with Event Architectures and encourage people to share ideas and learn. Sign up to our Meetup Group to make sure you get the announcements and register to our sessions.


Our aim is to create a wecloming community for people that want to learn more about Event Architectures. Feel free to join us on Discord where you can learn, ask questions and join like minded people.

The Future

VirtualEDA is a new idea, and we want to see if we can grow a community of people that are willing to learn and share ideas with each other. If you would like to help, speak, contribute or sponsor please get in contact!

We are looking forward to seeing what we can create, let’s make something awesome

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